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Sew What? moneybelt pattern

Here's one I made earlier: sew a money belt for your travels and keep your valuables safe.

Cybercafe Safe  cafeKlysm security bundle

Programs to include on your USB stick

A bundle of portable programs with guidance for dealing with public computers that are spyware-infested

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America's Longest War - Rethinking
Our Tragic Crusade Against Drugs

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What's the tokezone all about?

The tokezone is a website that fell asleep in the kitchen and dropped into a blender. Conceptually, the mix is not a pretty one: cybercafe security, drugs, travel information, photos, music, travel blog. Yet visitor feedback is mostly positive about the odd, lumpy mixture that emerged. Many people come here to peruse my travel tips before they head off for Asia, or check out my pattern for a home-made money belt.

Despite the title "tokezone," you'll find its primary focus isn't about taking drugs. If you're interested in that subject, however, you'll surely find something here to tickle you. The cannabis screensavers here are free, absorbing and popular - or you might find some useful information in the downloadable e-books on the subject of recreational drugs.

What you'll find around the site

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Travel - Pictures & travel info from my wanderings over 25 years.

Online Privacy - Using an Internet cafe has hidden risks, be prepared.

Music - Travel with your favourite music, but what's best?

Cannabis - Roll your zone and enjoy the view.

More - "Won't fits" and "Don't knows" are kept here.

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