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Download cafeKlysm

Supported operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 7/2012/Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10 Windows 7,8,10 supported

Retired operating systems are a security risk and may not run all the applications correctly.

License: Freeware

Please note that these files will not be updated further. This site will close in August, 2021, so be sure to download anything you want to keep before then.

Any warning from your browser about a 'potential risk' with the file is a false positive. The files here are safe and were scanned for viruses with Symantec Endpoint Protection before upload to the server. You should still check with a reliable anti-virus program on your own system if you don't use the checksums.

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cafeKlysm Typhoon
  download cafeKlysm full (do not right click)  
version 2.70.0

[size: 137 MB]
cafeKlysm 2

cafeKlysm Breeze
  download cafeKlysm basic (do not right click)  
version 2.70.0

[size: 112 MB]
cafeKlysm 2

Download the help file as a separate PDF manual (67 pages with illustrations). You don't need this if you download either version of cafeKlysm, as it is included in the bundle (and it is not updated as frequently as the included help). However, it might help you get a better idea of cafeKlysm before you download the program, or pick up some tips to avoid spyware.
  download cafeKlysm help file (do not right click)  

updated October 2016

[size: 4.5MB]

acrobat document
Installing cafeKlysm on your USB drive: Please read this before you install

Once the file is downloaded, you only need to double-click install-cafeKlysm.exe and the necessary portable program files will be copied to a USB flash drive you specify. When you run the installer on Windows Vista and later, you'll need to click Yes when the UAC dialogue box appears. It's best to choose the root of the drive to install to - that is, not inside a folder. You cannot run cafeKlysm from a non-writeable medium (CDs DVDs). If you want to test cafeKlysm on your computer's hard-drive before using it from a flash drive, don't install to your Program Files folder, as many applications will not run correctly from here. Also, don't use the Protect USB function when installed to your hard drive, as you will acquire a hard-to-delete (though harmless) file on the drive.

The installation process may need a minute or two. When the installer window closes, cafeKlysm is ready to use. Start cafeKlysm by clicking on the shortcut Start cafeKlysm. (This shortcut will only function if you don't move it from its original position outside the folder cafeKlysm. See the Help file for more details.)
start cafeKlysm

Access the complete help file from within the program by clicking Help on the first window you see.

You should use a reliable USB drive of at least 1GB in size (ideally 8GB for cafeKlysm Typhoon).

Checksum hashes for the downloads (Perform check on uncompressed installer)

cafeKlysm Typhoon [full] md5
cafeKlysm Breeze [basic] md5