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Three months on a bicycle to FNQ (Far North Queensland). As well as the Daintree National Park I also took in Lakefield NP and some of the Atherton Tablelands.

I was 30 years late on the scene for this trip; the road through Cape Tribulation to Cooktown was bulldozed (with vigorous local opposition) in 1983. It's far from the aim of my modest gallery to attract more motor vehicles to the area, but it definitely needs to see greater numbers of cyclists.

On a bicycle you are far more flexible to stop and vary your route (I note the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service advice to motorists that they should halt for 'no more than three minutes' at the Cape Tribulation viewpoint on the approach road!) and the impact of moving between rainforest and reef engages more of the senses. The rise and fall of the road becomes an organic creature instead of something barely noticed over the roar of a motor.

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