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Finding your way around the site

Navigation between pages on this site can be done in more than one way. Firstly, the top menu gives you a quick link to the upper hierarchy of topics: travel, online privacy, music, cannabis and the catchall "More..." category. Although a click on any button on the green bar here will take you to the main page in that topic, each button with a tiny arrow on the right is also expandable downwards. The full menu of site offerings is available from these drop-down sections. It's a fairly standard navigation system, but it does need JavaScript running in your browser to be able to use it. Most pages also have a "Jump to another zone:" drop-down menu at the bottom of the content, with a more summary selection of choices:

Just click on the arrow next to the menu, then click "Go!" to navigate to that page. Finally, some zones spread over more than one page (the online and roll your zones are two examples of zones which do this) and have extra drop-down menus which let you  navigate within the zone itself. It probably sounds a lot more complicated than it is - just click around and you'll find your way. Should you want a simplified overview of the site to see what's on offer, take a look at the site map in the helpfully-named site-map zone.

The site search engine has more options available for in-depth searching across the pages of this site. You can access these (and advice for successful searches) by clicking "Advanced Search" on the homepage, or through More... Site Search using the top menu on any page. This search tool searches the entire site except for the travel cafeKlysm FAQ and photo gallery pages. To search those places, type your search term into the small box at the top-right corner of each page and hit <enter>

If you use the site search engine, you have the option of making searches using Boolean operators. There are three buttons, with AND being selected if you do nothing. With AND Search, when you put more than one word into the search box, results will be any pages which include the words, but not necessarily in the order you typed them. With OR Search, results will be any pages that include one of the words you typed. With Phrase Search your results will be all the words you typed, in the order you typed them.

Pictures in the photo gallery are searchable using the box at the top of each gallery page, with the options for searching given:

Where present, EXIF information (time, date, exposure settings, etc.) on a picture is displayed if you click on the "View more information" button on the bottom right of each picture page:

information about photo

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites. They may provide useful information to the originating site. For you, it means you can use a site more efficiently and save time by not having to re-enter your details each time you visit. In general, there are three types of cookies on websites:

  • Session cookies which expire when you leave a site.

  • Persistent cookies that remain in place across multiple visits to sites.

  • Third-party cookies, used by business partners of a site.

Some of these cookies are essential and some are optional.

This site uses third-party cookies from purely for measuring visitor numbers and ranking the popularity of content. It is perfectly possible to view and interact with all content on the tokezone without accepting any Statcounter cookies. This is an extract from Statcounter's Privacy Policy:

" respects the privacy and rights of its visitors. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge. Personally identifiable information such as visitor's name, telephone number, postal address and email address are technically impossible for StatCounter to collect and no attempt is made to do so. The information that is recorded consists of the date and time of visit, ip address, browser (e.g. Firefox 30), operating system version (e.g. Windows XP), screen resolution (e.g. 800x600), referring link, the current page url and the current page title. This information is collected solely to improve the service we offer to you and statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals."

Other than this, the site sets persistent cookies, for the quick poll or when you rate a topic or download a file from the site. You’ll find more information about cookies at

This site respects the 'do not track' setting on browsers. If you have not specified this, a tiny, one-pixel image is sent to your browser. This helps us to see which files you downloaded and if there were problems with the download.

Browsers and screen resolution

The tokezone supports "any damn browser." The site has been tested on five different browsers in Windows - Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chromium/Chrome and SeaMonkey. There are plenty of (seemingly-contented) visitors to the site who use Safari, so there should be no problem there as it is a Web-Kit browser.

Concerning screen resolution, 1280 x 1024 will mean freedom from horizontal scrolling on all the pages. Only around 2% of site visitors have monitors with an 800x600 pixel resolution, and these people will need to swing the picture from left to right in order to view the entire page. A full HD screen (1920 x 1080) will give good results in the panorama zone and photo galleries. High colour (thousands of colours) is OK for the photo gallery, and you'll probably get by with 256 colours on the rest of the site, although it will look rather grainy.

The site is not optimised for browsing with internet-enabled phones or phablets, nor do I have any plans to offer thinned-down pages optimised for mobiles in the future. It's possible to navigate around the site using the site-map from these small-screen devices, though.

"Send to a friend" page and content ratings stars

Send to a friend button (1) and rating stars (2)

You can rate the content on certain pages (and in the FAQ pages, each topic) with a simple 1-5 stars system. Just click the number of stars you want to give the page and your vote will show. As your IP address is also recorded, you may not vote on this particular page a second time. In addition, individual photo gallery pictures can be rated in a similar way.

The "Send to a friend" page

A way to let people know about the page you saw here is to use the "Send this page to a friend" button. Clicking on this allows you to send an email to a single friend (including perhaps a short, personal message) with a link from the page you just visited. This is a faster and simpler way if you want to notify just one person about the page. Any email addresses you enter on the form will remain private - this site is a spam-free zone!

The "Quick Poll"

This is a two-click voting system which appears on many pages. There is more than one active Quick Poll question at any one time, and past polls which are closed. To reach other active poll questions click on the Next poll >> link:

When you vote in the Quick Poll, your IP address is recorded to prevent multiple votes in the same question (you can vote again in another Quick Poll question). These votes and IPs are never correlated, so your voting choice remains anonymous and private. You can see archived (and hence closed) polls in a popup when you click the View past polls link. It's about as simple as I could make it!

Downloads and formats

You can download documents from this site in Microsoft Word (doc), Adobe Acrobat (pdf), electronic publishing (epub) and Microsoft compiled HTML help (chm) formats. The doc format is probably most suited to those running Windows computers, although you may have a compatible word-processing program such as Open Office which will read this proprietary Microsoft format in Linux or Macintosh. Adobe Acrobat's pdf is a universal format for documents, so irrespective of your operating system (Windows, Linux, Macintosh) you'll almost certainly find something on your computer to read it with.

The chm format is less universal, but still multi-platform. It is suitable for reading on your desktop, laptop or pocket computer, and is also readable by most tablet PCs and e-book readers. The full text is searchable. Windows users will already have an embedded help system from Microsoft for reading chm files, while the Firefox browser can read chm files with a simple add-on. Macintosh users have a choice of the open-source Chamonix for OS X or Chmox - both free.

A newer form of document format is the epub book. This is intended mostly for reading on mobile devices, although there are some free programs which will be useful if you want to view an ePub text on a fixed computer. There will be a suitable ePub reader for a device running on a Windows, Macintosh, Linux or Android machine. If you are using the Kindle eBook reader, epub files can be converted to mobi for free either online (usually a size limit applies) or with the free Calibre software (Windows, Linux and OS X).

If you are having problems with the downloads, don't right-click on the link - the download link works indirectly through a script which loads your file. Don't use a download accelerator. Try downloading with a different browser or from another location (different ISP). Use the final link you see immediately, as it is limited to five minutes' validity.

The panoramas are now implemented entirely in HTML5, so require no browser plugins for QuickTime or Flash. You should, however, use a modern browser which will show HTML5 animation.

JavaScript on the site

Many features will be unavailable to you here if you visit us with a browser that has JavaScript turned off. You won't have access to the search engine, nor will the top menu be visible. Downloads will be problematic. However, you will still be able to navigate the site and view most content. Turning on Javascript is no security risk on this site - we are a friendly place. Add us to your "NoScript" whitelist, or find out how to turn on Javascripting here for various browsers.


Content on this site is available for use under the Creative Commons non-derivative, non-commercial use with attribution licence. This means you can use the resources (pictures, text, downloaded files) here as long as you don't change them in any way, that you don't use them for commercial gain, and that you acknowledge this site as the source if you distribute them or post them on your own site or an Internet forum. If you want to copy the material here to somewhere else on the Internet, you must present it unmodified (quoting text verbatim, displaying pictures unchanged, offering files unaltered), not change any of the links within it, and you must provide a link back to the tokezone. Generally, a link to the site is the preferred way of offering your visitors a view of what's here - I update some information very regularly, and you wouldn't want to be quoting older material, nor would I like that to happen. For more information about the Creative Commons licence, click the button below.

Creative Commons License


Aside from an occasional, obligatory "powered by..." notice at the bottom of some pages, this site is free of advertising. I pay for the costs of hosting the pages on the tokezone and for the domain name myself and ask for no donations to support them.

General issues

The "site news" feature launched from the front page works by launching a popup window. If you have an ad-blocker running on your system, you may not see it (try it now). I have retained the "news" feature as a regular page (accessed through the drop-down menu at the bottom of each major site page, and containing more information, such as site visitor statistics) to help such visitors.

Today's date is shown at the top of the column on the homepage; if it's wrong, don't blame me. The information comes from the date set on your own computer, read by a simple JavaScript then outputted as text to that place. So try and fix your computer's date and time using the Control Panel first!

Multimedia content (music on the toke-cards, video and audio clips) needs the appropriate plug-in for your browser. The Firefox browser in particular can be fiddly when trying to configure a plug-in for the e-cards' music (MIDI). Opera, Chrome and IE nearly always play these cards without problem.

I've tried to minimise my use of Flash (see my rant if you want more); in fact it serves simply as window dressing.

Problems getting the download to load? Remember to LEFT click on the download link. 

Use the main site URL and you will always reach the site, or search for "tokezone" on any search engine. It's probably easiest to bookmark the tokezone home page here and now:

Bookmark this site now:

I'm always looking for feedback and suggestions about the site, so if you have a comment, please contact me here.

Compact rant:

Far too many sites which I visit are difficult to use. They require that I enable Javascript in my browser simply to go to another page, or click on a Macromedia Flash menu, or they try to launch photos or text in a tiny, popup window. All of these things could have been done with static html, but the attractions of complexity and pizzazz won the webmaster over, resulting in less usability for the average visitor.

Certainly, Flash can perform wonderfully captivating magic on a website, and if the site presents itself as "art" then there's no reason it shouldn't sacrifice a little functionality to such style. However, a website where visitors simply want to obtain information and move on has no excuse for being obscure and overly zippy. Visitors who have Javascript disabled at the browser level in order to block advertisements and popup windows will probably never be able to access those sites which have their navigation functions controlled exclusively by JavaScript.

If Javascript is a mixed blessing, Flash is even more so. Both JS and Flash can be (and have been) used to launch attacks on the host computer, and Flash plugins require regular updating to stay ahead of current exploits. Hardly a month goes by without Adobe updating its Flash browser plugin. There was no update notification service for older versions of Flash (unlike, let's say, Firefox, or the Microsoft operating systems) so many users run their browsers with an outdated Flash Active-X control as full of holes as Swiss cheese and unaware of the risks they may face. iPad users do not have the luxury of even switching on Flash capability as their tablet computers do not support it. Chrome browsers will soon start with Flash disabled by default as a security measure.

You'll still be able to navigate the tokezone entirely using a browser which has Javascripting disabled (with the bottom, drop-down menu), although you won't be able to do things such as searching the site, sending ecards or downloading files. 


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