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What is cafeKlysm?

cafeKlysm is a bundle of free software for travellers. It loads on your USB flash drive so that you can run your own web browser, digital photo editor and Internet telephone client on a shared computer. It's great when you are away from your home computer and have to rely on cyber cafes. As you can download everything in one package, you have more time to spend planning your trip. You won't find the features of cafeKlysm available together anywhere else.


Just like on your own computer, you'll have fast access to your downloaded files, bookmarks and online phonebook. Your various site log-in and other passwords can come along for the trip as well, in a secure, encrypted container that only you can unlock. You'll be more confident online because you leave no trace of your surfing on the cybercafé computer, and dramatically reduce the risk of anyone stealing your log-in details.

What are the security risks when you use an internet cafe?

You are putting trust in something rather like a public toilet, and the state of digital hygiene of a public computer is often questionable. It very much depends on the mess the user before you left behind, how careful you are to clean up when you are finished, and how attentive the operator of the cafe is to sanitation. Look here to see what I found running on an Indian cybercafé computer.

cafeKlysm uses completely free for use and as far as possible open-source software and contains no advertising or spyware. Now in version 2, it's been around since 2008. There is a basic version and one for more experienced computer users. Compare the versions. When updated, the cafeKlysm package includes the very latest releases of portable applications.

It runs on Windows XP*/2003*/Vista*/2008*/2012/Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Windows 7 is supported!

*Windows XP, Server 2003, 2008 and Windows Vista are not supported by Microsoft.

The current version two
of cafeKlysm offers the following features...

1) one click disables common, malicious screen image capture software running on the cybercafe computer


2) a simple installer extracts the downloaded cafeKlysm files to a USB flash drive

3) a button which will easily and quickly "immunise" your USB drive against common, auto-installing viruses on the host computer

4) a viewer in Typhoon (full version) to show the computer's USB connections and your own drive, showing if they are performing at their best speed

USB View

5) on the photo editing page, a simple resizer application provides for easy editing of digital pictures for email and Facebook uploads (
Breeze, basic version) while a full-function picture editor in Typhoon (full version) is effectively all you need for jpeg or raw files. Both editors include one button access to your USB drive photo storage folder

6) also on the Photo page, an image viewer gives speedy browsing of your stored pictures

closeup of photoviewer 

7) you can view and edit Exif-tagged photographs using Exif Tool, a powerful application which also allows you to change or add geo-location information with a simple, Google Maps interface

maps interface

8) there's menu-driven navigation between Internet, Photo, Security and Tools interfaces

menu closeup

9) contains an updated help file (67 pages in PDF) with copious illustrations and guidance topics for avoiding spyware

10) essential if you are troubled with slow or sporadic Internet connectivity, a single button checks if you are still online and the speed of your Internet connection

closeup online check

11) the cafeKlysm window minimises to the system tray to avoid clutter on the taskbar of a smaller monitor

12) the cafeKlysm bundle is a compact download with a built-in installer, and the cafeKlysm interface takes up little space on the screen

13) a one-button reporter tells you the Windows' version your computer is running

14) viewing the Hosts file is fast and simple with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10

15) the newest Neo's SafeKeys brings further protection against screen capture and clipboard loggers

safekeys closeup

16) includes Firefox 70, the latest and fastest version of the well-known Mozilla browser

17) cafeKlysm's features are powered by the open-source, speedy and compact Lua scripting engine

18) the powerful Process Explorer is included in the full version of cafeKlysm as a watchful eye on the computer's running programs

19) a very useful tool, DNS Jumper, can easily change the computer's default DNS server to one you specify. This brings a significant security advantage, and may even speed up your browsing and make sites more accessible

20) cafeKlysm's version reporter is aware of Windows 10 and all cafeKlysm features are compatible with that operating system.

cafeKlysm runs on any usb drive...
any usb drive

Two versions, download one now - everything is free!

Compare the versions

cafeKlysm Typhoon
With the full version of cafeKlysm you have fast access to the Firefox browser and PhonerLite Internet telephony programs combined with powerful diagnostic tools for checking the PC you are using. To protect against spyware on the computer, your login information is kept in an encrypted container and you have a highly secure onscreen keyboard to enter critical passwords.

On the photographic side, a drag-drop resizer feature, an Exif tag editor and a complete photo editor (XnView) offer all you'll need for comfortable editing of your digital pictures on the road.

Tools for checking the Internet connection and disabling spying screen capture software make using an Internet cafe less frustrating, faster and safer. In a couple of clicks you can "immunise" your drive to protect it from viruses on the public computer.

A full, illustrated help file accompanies the programs with guidance on use and ways of staying safe in public Internet shops.
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[size: about 137 MB]

cafeKlysm Breeze [basic]
This basic version of cafeKlysm is easy to use even if you are not very familiar with computer programs. It bundles the Firefox browser (for www and webmail), a password store (which means you need to remember just one unlock password instead of all of the ones you use) with an onscreen keyboard to enter your passwords safely.

If you want to resize or rotate your photos for sending in email or in blog posts, the easy, 'drag and drop' editor makes it fast and foolproof, there's a tag editor to review and change time/date/place metadata and you have an overview of all your photos with the fast picture viewer.

Accompanying the programs is an illustrated, non-technical help file which guides you in using cafeKlysm and its included applications, as well as indicating procedures for staying safe in public Internet shops.
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[size: about 112 MB]

Download the help file (67 pages with illustrations, included with either cafeKlysm program) as a separate PDF manual.
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[size: about 4.8MB]


includes software from

Mozilla Foundation
John T. Haller
Steve Lamerton
ClamWin Pty Ltd
Dominik Reichl
Online Solutions
Piriform Ltd
QFX Software Corporation
Neo Aplin
Systernals (Microsoft)
Heiko Sommerfeldt
Uwe Sieber
Cédrick Collomb
Pierre.e Gougelet


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