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spybot screenshot

When I ran Spybot on some computers in an Indian Internet cafe some years ago I found a whole mass of spyware installed on each and every one. Some had about ten instances, others more than fifty. Amongst others: All-in-one telecom, Comload, hosts redirect, an Active-X dialler (to a porn site), DyFuCA, Gator, Money Tree, Proliveration, Rapid Blaster, TIBs, V Loading, Web Dialler, and eGroup, plus the ubiquitous Alexa toolbar. Above is the screen-shot I made from one of the worst affected computers (the computer froze half way through the scan, due perhaps to the load of spyware running on it, and you can't see all of the incomplete list because it scrolls). With the proliferation of spyware worldwide since I ran this test, things can only have become tougher for the cybercafe user looking for a trustworthy computer