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All of the downloads below are freeware or licence-free. Enjoy them as you will, but be aware that my own works are released under the Creative Commons licence (click the button on the left for information).
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Cybercafe security bundle (full)


cafeKlysm contains software to carry with you on your travels. You load it onto a USB flash drive and plug that into a cybercafe computer. This is the full version, with browser, full photo editor and internet telephone clients.

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(size 110MB)

Cybercafe security bundle (basic)

Same as cafeKlysm above but the basic version, with browser and basic photo editor only.

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(size 85MB)

Tips for Travellers

Updated & enlarged January 2016.

34 Pages

Includes pictures. Being my own personal choice most of the time, most of this is pretty basic. Useful if you are going for the first time to India and want to know more about toilets, carrying your money safely, booking trains, or getting from the airport in Delhi when you arrive late in the evening. In Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Download me!
(size 910kB)

101 iPhone Travel Tips

A choice of two formats:
The book is 49 pages long in
Adobe Acrobat format.

(opens in a popup)

This book is a compilation of some of the best travel- and tech-related tips, tricks, hacks, and workflows. It is iPhone focused, but most tips will apply in exactly the same way to the iPad. While you can find many iPhone tips and tricks online, this isn't a collection of random tips. This book is specifically designed for people who want to take their iPhone use to another level in a travel and mobility context.

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Acrobat Format (.pdf)

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(sizes between
650kB and 1.7MB)


How To
Shit In
The Woods


You might think that the "natural functions" of voiding the bowels and emptying the bladder in the outdoors would be as instinctive as nature intended. However, if you've done much trail hiking and seen the visible mess left by other walkers, you might be wondering if there is a right and wrong way to go about it. This book offers detailed, environmentally-sound instruction on the act no-one gets much help from in the trail guides.

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(size 11.8MB)

Money Belt Pattern

Making your own money belt is easy. If you make this belt as suggested, the costs should be less than half that of a commercial belt and - provided you sew carefully - it will last 2-5 times as long. This is a complete pattern and instructions suitable for beginners. Tested by myself with several belts used on extended trips. More accomplished sewers can adapt the design to personalise it.

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(size 330kB)

The Valley Of Flowers


High in the Indian Himalaya in the state of Uttarakhand is an enchanting valley. In 1931, Frank S Smythe came upon this pristine valley and named it the 'valley of the flowers'.

This book describes his exploration of the valley, now a protected National Park. Complete with maps and descriptions of the flowers Smythe found, the book is written in the sensitive and imaginative style associated with Smythe. Now out of print - new paperback copies of this are selling for nearly $1000...

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(size 1.4MB)

You will need an unzipping utility for these downloads. Current versions of Windows have this included, but other users will need to visit 7-Zip and get a free unzipper. Once unzipped, the text file included gives more information about using/installing.

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