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The "ComPAQt FAQs" or: a guide to avoiding the mistakes I once made...

Once you have done it, the fear of that first time is less - once you have stepped off the plane in a South Asian country such as India, found the taxi into town and booked a hotel room, it's easier. But when you are starting for the first time in a foreign country, there are sometimes things the guide books don't tell you - or don't tell you enough about. That's why I wrote these "ComPAQt FAQs" - it has nothing to do with the computer business, it means "compact, frequently asked questions." Here are more than thirty important topics to guide you when travelling in Asia generally, and India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan particularly. They are my own personal choices and approaches to problems, so obviously they might not be what you consider right. But they can help at least in giving you somewhere to start and compare. You'll soon develop your own tastes and preferences - you may even decide that my ideas are pretty dumb. I can live with that; you'll have tested what you like and dislike and avoided getting stung on your first few days in a new environment.

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