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"There are no boundaries on Planet Earth.
Not only have we failed to realise that we
are one people, we have forgotten that
we have only one planet..."

Jacques Cousteau, Oceanographer


last updated 10 Aug 2016

Solutions Journal Solutions is a non-profit print and online publication. The articles are given "in brief", with the option to purchase a PDF. I found that I had a good versing in the issue by reading the generous summaries offered.

Exxon Secrets Organisations Climate Change Denial is a huge industry, mostly supported by Big Oil. Look at a list of some of the organisations funded by Exxon-Mobil to seed misinformation and doubt about the science of man-made global warming.

Cycle for transport and environment Cycling has been shown to deliver the fastest door-to-door journey in urban areas in every contemporary independent study. As well as keeping you healthy, cycling is convenient in a town or city where you might spend a long time each day waiting for buses or tracking down a parking space. This page gives a useful summary of environmental benefits and may persuade you to shift your daily transport mode and reduce your CO2 footprint.

Lowering meat consumption "In modern medical science, there is an insistence that meat should be a major part of our diet for many reasons. It is claimed that meat helps to build strong muscles and provide endurance for physical activity. This is partly true, but the other side of this is that modern medical science is part of the corporate establishment in which agribusiness is an important financial part, so there are vested interests at play."

Low-Impact Travel Tips Responsible travel tips which anyone going to Asia or developing countries needs to read. Here's some advice for reducing your environmental footprint when travelling and staying in hotels.

Altruists International Downloads of e-books, sound archives and other media. Includes names like Vandana Shiva, Buckminster Fuller and Lester Brown. 

National Geographic News Another environment news portal from well-known national

Deliver Us from Finity Capitalism is not even mathematically possible, let alone biologically viable...

Deforestation in Myanmar The Forest Trends report found large areas of virgin teak forests in Myanmar have been cut down, causing ecological destruction on a vast scale. Myanmar's lush forests brimming with plant and animal species are under threat as agribusiness investment grows. Money earned by exploiting timber from Burma, which has nearly two-thirds of the world's teak reserves, was used to sustain the ruling generals in power during international sanctions.

Are the vultures saved yet? Vultures are carrion-consuming birds and are now on the critically endangered list of BirdLife International, the global network of conservation groups based in Britain. Declining vulture numbers have triggered serious public health problems. Rotting carrion lies around for days in towns and villages across India, and is believed to be spreading communicable diseases. Why the vultures have declined so dramatically (95% of them gone since the early 90s) has been shown as due to veterinary use of the painkiller, diclofenac, which was banned in India and Nepal in 2006. There is some sign of a slowing in the decline in vulture numbers. One of the biggest victories of the year 2015 was India's banning of large vial sizes of diclofenac, which were being purchased for 'human use' but being illegally used for livestock.

Goa's threatened environment The Goa Foundation has been called India's premier environmental monitoring group. The tiny state of Goa on India's west coast has suffered perhaps more than most of the world's places of tourist interest. Since 1986 The Goa Foundation has been challenging the 'plunder and get rich' mindset of State tourism chiefs.

Environmental News Network Topical news about the environment, with commentary and summary of the week's developments. 

Worldwatch Institute (USA) Information from around the world on how to build a sustainable society. This site has PDF downloads of articles, details about Worldwatch books and news of environmental events. You shouldn't miss it!

The Population Crisis - it's about the animals! An article which contends that the real population crisis is much more than what is usually discussed. It should include the growth in livestock, a trend which is destroying forests, reducing water quality and fuelling a health crisis.

Friends Of The River Narmada (India) The construction of large dams on the River Narmada in central India and its impact on millions of people living in the river valley has become one of the most important social issues in contemporary India.

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