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01-10-12: Very relevant book by David Nutt added to the tokezone bookshelf: Drugs Without The Hot Air.
12-03-12: Photo gallery "Sindhudurg 2012" from a cycle trip along the coast in India added to the Cycling Sinhudurg gallery
30-07-11: How To Shit In The Woods added to the travel selection in the downloads zone
09-06-11: A picture book added to the tokezone bookshelf: Hashish - The Joy Of Making And Curing
24-05-11: New in the survey zone: What is the authentic experience of India?
26-10-10: Completed the picture and blog updates from my summer trip to Kullu, Lahaul, Spiti, Kinnaur and Uttarakhand in India.
04-05-10: In preparation for the forthcoming India trip, moved "First Showing" pictures to the main India gallery.
26-12-09: Repeat visitors will notice the disappearance of the side menu. A more comprehensive, top menu replaces it. See more info here.
03-12-09: Link added in the planet zone.
10-10-09: More information added to the online zone to help with backups and updates.
08-07-09: Added another PDF book to the tokezone bookshelf: Build This Bong.
30-06-09: Updated the layout in the travel zone. It's now categorised and should be easier to find your way around.
15-06-09: A new screensaver added in the screensaver download zone. "Swelling Heads Along The Watchtower" could be filed under "Hendrix" and "cannabis" and comes in an HD version (1600x1200 pixels) with full stereo sound.
29-05-09: The ComPAQt FAQs updated with new information to help you protect passwords when using 'Net cafes.

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